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We promote quality products with a commitment to customer satisfaction

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We at Altecare are constantly adapting to change
As a result, we decided to streamline our product offerings to the most popular items
To celebrate this change and the holidays, our 10% discount is back
and is valid until Sunday December 17, 2017
Discount granted upon checkout

Please note website is being updated and will be complete within 48 hours
Please note that we cannot sell KingTech turbines to US customers

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Latest News/Products

Behotec Retract Sets updated

Alrecare now offers turnkey building services

We will build your model to your custom needs

and make your jet ready to fly

Please call or email us

Checkout our new COMBO

Electric retracts for:

Rebel combo
Xcalibur combo
Xcalibur PLUS combo
Avanti S combo
Ultraflash combo
Ultima-tun Combo
ViperJet 2m (Tomahawk) Combo
Eurosport (Carf Models) Combo
Turbinator Combo
Dynamo Combo
C&C Viper Jet Combo
Carf Roockie combo
Viper Jet 2.5 Zeal combo
Viper Jet 2.5 Carf Models combo
ViperJet 2.5m (Tomahawk) Combo
Futura 1.9 Combo
Boomerang Elan Combo
EXM Sport Combo
Scirocco Combo
Avanti S (sebart) combo
Scorpion Combo
Fortune (T-One) Combo
Dolphin jet (Pilot RC) Combo
Rebel Pro combo
Futura 2.5 Combo
Natrix Combo
Vixen Combo
Leonardo Redwings combo
Super Scorpion Combo
Ultra Lightning (Carf Models)








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