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Telemetry systems for Projet and Xicoy

New VSpeak Telemtry for Behotec Turbine Telemetry

Compatible with Projet ECU II (V7.1B) & III (V2.5A)

VSpeak ECU Converter for HORNET ECU emulates the IO BOARD and the TERMINAL
The data is transmitted over the telemetry channel to the radio

Compatible with Jeti Duplex EX, Spektrum XBus, Graupner HoTT and Multiplex MSB

Futaba SBUS 2, FrSky S.Port and JR Propo

Futaba SBUS 2

Jeti/Jetibox Video

Spektrum Video

Graupner Video

Multiplex Video

FrSky S.Port

JR Propo

New Manual

New 2.2 Jeti/Graupner/Futaba/Multiplex/FrSky/JR Software

New 2.2 Spektrum Software

Projet ECU Telemetry (Jeti, Multiplex, Futaba, HoTT, FrSky, JR): $US 139

Projet ECU Telemetry (Spectrum): $US 139

Telemetry adapter Futaba, Jeti and Multipleax RXs
Supports JetsMunt, Jetcentral, Kingtech and Wren Turbines


Adapter connects the telemetry data from XICOY V10 and newer ecus (all that use a servo lead on data terminal connection) to JETI FUTABA and MULTIPLEX receivers.

Supports several engines on the same receiver

Ecus V6 and older (connector RJ45 8 pin) not supported

Supports Futaba MZ18 and SG14 (Robbe Telemetry Box not supported)

Translates all relevant parameters (RPM, EGT, battery, Pump, Throttle and remaining fuel) from the ecu to the TX, where they can be recorded and alarms set.

If used on JETI radios, it provides full emulation of the ecu data terminal trough Jetibox to access to all ecu functions, and to monitor the startup of the engine. Keystrokes of the buttons on the transmiiter are sent to the ecu to allow the navigation through all the menus on the ecu.

On Futaba radios the measures of the received signal strenth and failsafe counter are transmitted to the TX for a evaluation of the quality of the radio link and to set a alarm if link became marginal

User Manual Download

Checkout the videos:

Navigating trough the ecu menus from transmitter

Monitoring the engine startup

Engine run, data logiing and displaying the data after a run

Video Futaba


Telemetry adapter Futaba, Jeti and Multipleax RXs: $US 59

Autostart System - $US 224

Solid Aluminium metal casing designed to be used
on the J55HP2, J66 HP, JB130, and JB165.
Operating Voltage 6 – 8.4 Volts
Max. RPM 30,000 RPM
Min. current 0.8 A
Max. Current 3.5A
Weight 115 g

P/N AS-2

Kerosene Pump - Up to 100N - $US 105

Kerosene Pump - Up to 180N - $US 117

Motor Type Speed 300
Voltage range 1.2 – 6.0 V
Max. operating current 5 A
Max. pressure 8.0 bar
Weight 92 g
Flow rate at 6V/6Bar 700 ml/min - Hook Up instructions

New Turbine clamps - Kerosene start compatible

2 piece clamp for J66HP - JB220 TH-1 - $US 40


Universal FOD

(all 66mm based turbines): $US 19.95

Universal FOD

(all 54mm based turbines): $US 18.95


Turbine fuel or starting gas filter - $US 14

Part number FG1

GSU for all Behotec engines - $US 84.95

ECU ProJet Hornet III- $US 295.95

ECU cable 50cm - $US 14.95

Part number AS1-8

Battery connector - $US 2.50

Charger connector - $US 2.50

Data bus cable 50cm - $US 5

Part number AS1-B

Data bus cable 100cm - $US 10

Part number AS1-C

Data board - $US 24.85

Part number AS1-11









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