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Behotec E Line retract systems (up to 55lbs)

We are proud to introduce the new Behotec E Line Retracts based on the proven quality and reliability of our C36-2, C40 and C50 air retract series.

The special gear motor achieves an absolutely realistic retraction and extension action.

The electric motor is a very special design and uses an encoder for accurate retraction and smooth operation with over current protection.

Retraction and extension times are between 4-7 sec. The Behotec E-Tract v1.0 Control unit allows full programmability as well as proportional electric brake control (1.5 to 12V).

You can depend on the Behotec quality and Altecare's support to give your scale project an added touch

More importantly, you can pick and choose your retract system. Each retract unit is sold individually. You can mix and match to suit your project. Our large selection of STRUTS will fit all these retract units.

Click here to download the E-Line insruction manual

Behotec C36/2 Electric Set: $US 595

Behotec C50 Electric Set: $US 675


C36 Single Retract units

C36 Electric Nose Unit 103g E-C36-B: $US 139
C36 Electric Main Unit 103g E-C36-H
: $US 139

C40 Single Retracts units

C40 Electric Nose Unit 90° 120g E-C40-B: $US 145
C40 Electric Main Unit 90° 120g E-C40-H: $US 145
C40 Electric Nose Unit 100° 120g E-C40-B-100: $US 145
C40 Electric UMain Unit 100° 120g E-C40-H-100: $US 145
C40 Electric Nose Unit 105° 120g E-C40-B-105: $US 145
C40 Electric UMain Unit 105° 120g E-C40-H-105: $US 145

C40 Reverse Single Retract units

C40 Elec. Nose Reverse 90° 120g E-C40-B-90R: $US 149

Nose unit needs: C40-E-90R - Servo steering adapter kit: $US 45

C40 Elec. Main Revsrese 90° 120g E-C40-H-90R: $US 149

C50 Single Retract units

C50 Electric Nose unit 90° 241g E-C50-B: $US 165
C50 Electric Main unit 90° 243g E-C50-H: $US 165
C50 Electric Nose unit 95° 240g E-C50-95-B: $US 165
C50 Electric Main unit 95° 241g E-C50-95-H: $US 165
C50 Electric Nose unit 100° 239g E-C50-100-B: $US 165
C50 Electric Main unit 100° 240g E-C50-100-H: $US 165
C50 Electric Nose unit 105° 250g E-C50-105-B: $US 165
C50 Electric Main unit
105° 252g E-C50-105-H: $US 165

C50 Firewall Mount Retracts units
C50 Elec. Nose Firewall 90° 237g E-C50B-B: $US 165

We recommend: C50B-SH - Servo steering adapter kit: $US 45

C50 Elec. Main Firewall 90° 239g E-C50B-H: $US 165
C50 Elec. Nose Firewall 100° 236g E-C50B-100-B: $US 165
C50 Elec. Main Firewall 100° 238g E-C50B-100-H: $US 165

C50F Reverse Retract units

C50 Electric Nose unit Reverse 90° 225g E-C50F-B: $US 175

Nose unit needs: C50F-Servo Steering Adapter kit: $US 50

C50 Electric Main unit Reverse90° 227g E-C50F-H: $US 175

E-Tract Prgrammer/Sequencer 48g E-Tract: $US 165

E-Tract programmer display unit 103g E-Tract -0001: $US 84.95

E Brake, fits all Behotec wheels 62g E-Brake: $US 75 each

Hand control unit for Behotec electric gears
E-Test V1.2
The E-TEST hand control unit allows you to operate all Behotec electric gears by pressing a button to open or close

This is very helpful if you install your gear doors or other instalation works on the retracts

Also it is designed to use it on the airfield to assemble the model without using the RC or the transmitter

- direct operation on a battery (7-14Volt)
-monitor motor encoder signals
- shutdown when reaching an end position
-shutdown current adjustable
- two pushbutton for open or close
- LED control

E Test: $US 60


















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