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Boomerang Series of Jets

Boomerang ELAN ARF Jet

The Boomerang ELAN ARF jet is designed for 14 ~ 22lbs. thrust turbines

Span: 84"
Length: 80"assembled. Breaks down easily to fit in a small car
Weight: 18 ~ 21lbs
Turbine: 14 ~ 22lbs

The ELAN is capable of just about any maneuver possible with a jet

Outstanding flying and aerobatic ability

Take off on grass is from about 40 feet and lands slow and predictable

Boomerang Elan Navy: $US 1,499

Boomerang Elan Sport: $US 1,499

Boomerang Elan Ferrari: $US 1,499

Elan Air up/Air down: $US 795

Elan Electric Retracts: $US 1,095

Elan 125oz Fuel Cell: $US 165

Elan Fuel/Smoke Tank: $US 165

Boomerang SPRINT ARF Jet

The New Boomerang SPRINT ARF jet is designed for 12 ~ 19lbs thrust turbinesSpan: 75.5"
Length: 73" assembled. Breaks down easily to fit in a small carWeight: 14lbs dry
Turbine: 12 ~ 19lbs

SPRINT ARF Jet (Red/Yello/White): $US 899

SPRINT Behotec Air Retract Set: $US 795

SPRINT Electric Retracts: $US 1,095


NEW SPRINT all terrain complete retract set

VERY heavy duty

Can be flown absolutely anywhere, even on the roughest terrains

Using the special Behotec offset trailinig links that are extremely reliable and durable

JetTech 125oz Kevlar Fuel Cell: $US 165

JetTech 125oz Kevlar Fue/smoke tank: $US 165

Boomerang XL ARF Jet

The Boomerang XL ARF jet is designed for 18 ~ 30lbs. thrust turbines

Span: 94"
Length: 92" assembled. Breaks down easily to fit in a small car
Weight: 25 ~ 30lbs
Turbine: 18 ~ 30lbs

Boomerang XL Stars & Stripes: $US 1,399

Boomerang XL Air Retracts: $US TBA

Boomerang XL Electric Retracts: $US TBA

Boomerang XL Tank: $US TBA


Boomerang TORUS ARF Jet

The Boomerang Torus is designed for the larger class of turbine engines

It can handle all the way up to a 36lb thrust turbine but will be very comfortable with 26lb turbine as well

The Torus is built with an integral one piece composite center wing and fuselage

The booms are composite construction as well

The outer wings and tail plane are of wood construction and are covered with genuine OraCover film and painted to match

The Torus, with the included tip tanks has a very distinct presence in the sky

The Torus has a wide flight envelope and exhibits excellent flying qualities in all aspects of flight

Wingspan 90 inches
Length 87 inches
Turbine 26-36 lbs

Boomerang TORUS Navy : $US 1,699

Boomerang TORUS Sport: $US 1,699

Boomerang TORUS Air Retracts: $US TBA

Boomerang TORUS Electric Retracts: $US TBA

Boomerang TORUS Tank: $US TBA

Turbinator Trainer Jet

Turbine Class 80N-100N

The Turbnator has been a favorite of builders and pilots for a long time

It's a great flying sport jet that is now available in a new and updated ARF version

Now you van experience the great flying abilities of the Turbinator without having to spend months at the building table

The new design has a 2 piece wing that slides onto 2 carbon fiber rods and abutts the fuselage

The plug in wing design allows for the Boomerang 125oz Sullivan tank to sit neatly in the fuselage over the CG

This will allow for those longer flight times we all desire

The Horizontal Stab is removable for help in transporting

The nose of the fuse features a hatch that allows access to a battery compartment making access to the batteries a breeze

The construction is of laser cut light ply and balsa and is covered in a high quality iron on film. All push rods and hardware are included.

Turbinator Miss America: $US1,099






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