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Boomerang SPRINT ARF Jet

SPRINT and INTRO Video clips

Baby Boomerang with Behotec 55 video (very short field operation)

The New Boomerang SPRINT ARF jet is designed for 12 ~ 19lbs thrust turbines

Span: 75.5"
Length: 73" assembled. Breaks down easily to fit in a small car
Weight: 14lbs dry
Turbine: 12 ~ 19lbs

After some months (or even years!) of listening to feedback from our customers and a ton of flight testing, we've come up with a new design, based on the tried and tested Intro, but with some changes and improvements. The result is now the new BOOMERANG SPRINT ARF kit, We believe this is The best flying ARF Jet Trainer you can buy!

As always like it's forebear the Baby Boomerang ( Intro), it will fly very well with 12 to 19lbs thrust engines without modification. In some ways it can be regarded as a cross between the Intro and the Elan.

A choice of four New and exciting colour schemes add a sparkle to the model, Red, Blue, Orange and Navy

Sprint is a wood ARF kit with just a few fibreglass parts added. The shapes have been refined a little to give a better looking jet.

For example the booms are now rounded off top and bottom, the rear of the fuselage tapers to give better appearance, the air intakes are more in keeping with a turbine powered plane.

New tailplane (Stab) shape now using two servos on one or on two elevator channels.

Split elevators giving more powerful operation with redundency built in should one servo fail.

The rail mounted nose leg retracts rearward, allowing for easy fitting of the trailing arm nose struts which have become so popular.

The air intakes are now much larger.

The fuselage now accepts 3.7 litre (125oz) fuel tank for longer flight times. There is more than enough room for smoke system.

Elan type wing fixing, simple and direct locking on to alloy rods.

Not only is the top speed when pushed, higher than that of the Intro, but the flying characteristics are, if anything, even better.

Extra side areas on the fuselage and booms makes knife edge flight better than ever.

Slow flight is remarkable, as you would expect of our designs.

The slightly larger wing and flap area aids the usual ultra slow landing speed, typical of Boomerang trainers.

The weight stays within a few ounces of the original Intro, thus keeping the amazing & easy aerobatic capability.

Note: The photo is of Alans early prototype, not of the final Sprint production version.

SPRINT ARF Jet (specify color): $US 899

SPRINT Behotec C36/2 Retract Set: $US 725

NEW SPRINT all terrain complete retract set - VERY heavy duty - Can be flown absolutely anywhere, even on the roughest terrains - Using the special Behotec offset trailinig links that are extremely reliable and durable

SPRINT Behotec C36/2 All Terrain Retract Set: $US 799

SPRINT Dubro 125oz Tank: $US 70

JetTech 125oz Kevlar Fuel Cell: $US 165

JetTech 125oz Kevlar Fue/smoke tank: $US 165

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