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Customer Pictures

We are very pleased to share our customer pictures

Sean McHale's small Futura with B100F turbine

and Altecare - PowerBox Smoke setup


Pierre Bourgi and Alexei Karam enjoy their EDF Vampire

Blair Howkins enjoying his Super and regular Scoprions

Gary Jefferson's Aviation Design F100

Sandro Novelli's Behotec 66 Kero start powered SPRINT

Mike Warren's Mirage2000 powered by Schubeler DS51-3ph, Neu1515/2Y on 12sThunderPower 3700SHP's. He is also using Behotec C21 retracts/struts and Spektrum 2.4ghz. Mike says the Mirage flys beautifully, very fast, and lands like a trainer.

Don Perry's Behotec 165 Kero start powered Yellow F15

Gary Arthur with his WREN Super Sport powered Baby Boomerang. Gary says it only takes a few minutes to switch back to wheels should the snow melt quicly enough

Andrew Coholic's Behotec 66 Kero start equipped Phoenix

Don Perry's Behotec 66 Kero start equipped F16 Air Video

Jeff Truemner's Behotec 66 Kero Start SPRINT video

Peter's Behotec 66 Kero Start Baby Boomerang video

Jeff Truemner with his Behotec 66 Kero start powered Boomerang SPRINT

Dave Bottita with his son at Montana Jets enjoying their Behotec 66 powered Boomerang ELAN

Fred Coulson's Behotec 66 & Retracts equipped flash

Al Pontecorvo's FoxCub. Al says that at the local flying field, the die hard jet guys with all their bells and whistles and very expensive jets love grabbing a flight on his cub.

Dave Bottita's Behotec 66 powered Boomerang Intro

Johnny Bailey’s L39 powered by a DS-51 / 8s LiPos and does 120MPH. He is in the process of converting it to WREN44

Jeff DeCaluwe Wild Hornet with Behotec 66 w/Kero start

Andrew Coholic's WREN 54 MKIII kit powered AV8R

Gilbert Baeza's WREN 44 powered Bobcat Gas50

Mike Bartino's Scorpion. Mike has never flown a jet before and has now managed 10 flights on his Scorpion.

Peter's Behotec 66 Kero start powered Phoenix

Martin LeFebvre Behotec 180 Kero start powered F22

JB165 powered Rookie racing at Winamac

Don's Behotec 66 Kero start powered Scorpion

Eric's Super Scorpion team

Don's Behotec JB165 Kero start powered Angel

Kilroy's Behotec 66 powered Elan

Sean Sadler's JB165 powered Rookie

Len Gladstone's Wild hornet powerd by P120

Marc's WREN44 powered Stingray

Nick Saraco's Baby Boomerang with a kit built WREN 54 MKIII

Jack Logan's Baby Boomerang with a kit built WREN 54 MKIII

Ken Stitt's Angel powered by Behotec 165 Kero start

Charles Hall with his Scorpion powered by P120

Peter's Hangar 9 CAP 232 with WREN54 Turboprop

(pictures courtesy of Palmer Johnson)

Peter's Skymaster Gripen with Behotec 66

(pictures courtesy of Palmer Johnson)

John Abarno's WREN 54 kit. John is very meticulous and likes a super neat workshop

Don Perry's Angel with Behotec JB165

Jeff Hansen's turbine test stand in action

Charles Glenn Hall Jr. is the new proud owner of a Scorpion

Peter's scratch built A321 with 2 x WREN44 manual start

(pictures courtesy of Palmer Johnson)

Doug Lachance is the proud owner of a WREN44 Gold. He is also building an L1011 and has done some neat modifications including an air operated access door. Doug has also designed a nice turbine stand to digitally measure thrust, exhaust temp and other parameters.

Gary Travis' Boomerang XL with Behotec 66

28lbs dry with a 19lbs thrust turbine

Unlimited vertical, knife edges effortlessly the whole runway

Pictures from the North Dallas R/C Jet Rally

Richard Kilroy's JB165 powerd Lightning. The Lightning also has C50 retracts and struts.

Knox's scratch built Thrush with WREN Turboprop power. Knox fabricates his own 5 bladed propellers.

Don Perry's Behotec JB130 powered Skymaster Hawk.

Don Perry's Behotec JB165 powered Boomerang XL. Built by:

Don says it takes off in about 6ft. The Boomerang is equipped with Behotec C36 retracts, struts, wheels and brakes. The plane does not need all this power Don says, but it sure is nice to have. As such, he flies at less than half power most of the time and with its large tank, you can enjoy a very nice long flight.

Rob Ballard's WREN Turboprop powered Tucano.

The Tucano weighs 38.3 pounds. The gas generator rpm is set to 160K and Ron uses a 3 blade Mezjlik 22X12.

Don Perry's Behotec JB130 powered Skymaster Hawk. Don trasnports his models in his private plane.






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