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Fittings and mount

3mm Fittings

 Festo 3mm Straight Connector: $US 5.25

Festo 3mm T Connector: $US 6.75

Festo 3mm cap: $US 1.95

  Festo 3mm Bulkhead Fitting: $US 6.95

 Festo 3mm Y Connector: $US 6.25

 Festo 3mm Elbow: $US 5.25

Festo 3 - 3mm barb: $US 2.95

Festo Control Valves - Perfect to regulate Brake lines, Propane lines, or even retraction speed of any retract system.

Great for use with the Behotec retract/brake valve

Festo 3mm Control Valve: $US 26.25

Festo 3mm Tubing (specify color): $US 1.20/m


4mm Fittings

 Festo 4mm Cap: $US 2.45

 Festo 4mm Check Valve: $US 9.95

 Festo 4mm Elbow: $US 5.25

 Festo 4mm Straight Connector: $US 5.25

 Festo 4mm T Connector: $US 6.75

 Festo 4mm Y Connector: $US 7.25

 Festo 4mm - 3mm Reducer: $US 5.50

 Festo 4mm Ball Valve: $US 17.95

6mm/4mm Ball valve clamp: $US 10.50

 Festo 4mm Blanking Plug: $US 1.95

 Festo 4mm Bulkhead Connector: $US 4.85

 Festo 4mm Bulkhead Fitting: $US 7.95

4mm Bulkhead with Check valve - Perfect for on-board Propane and Kersone fueling

No need to seal your fill line anymore. Also great for filling your air system.

4mm Bulkhead w/Check valve: $US 16.95

4 to 3 mm Quick connect adapter: $US 4.75

 Festo 4mm - 3mm connector: $US 2.95

Festo 4- 4mm barb: $US 2.95

Festo 4mm Clear Tubing: $US 1.40/m

Festo Pressure Gauge 4mm: $US 29.95

6mm Fittings

 Festo 6mm - 4mm connector: $US 2.95

 Festo 6mm - 4mm Reducer: $US 5.75

 Festo 6mm Bulkhead Fitting: $8.25

 Festo 6mm Check Valve: $US 11.75

 Festo 6mm Straight Fitting: $US 5.50

 Festo 6mm T Connector: $US 6.95

 Festo 6mm Y Connector: $US 7.95

 Festo 6mm Elbow: $US 5.50

 Festo 6mm Ball Valve: $US 17.95

Ball valve clamp (6mm or 4mm)

6mm/4mm Ball valve clamp: $US 10.50

 Festo 6mm Bulkhead Connector: $US 5.85

 Festo 6mm Blanking Plug: $US 1.75

6 to 4mm Quick connect adapter: $US 4.75

Festo 6mm Clear Tubing: $US 1.95/m

Professional Fuel Cell Kit

Made from Aluminium and Kerosene/gas compatibe stopper, this kit will ensure a leak free long lasting fuel cell.

Professional Fuel Cell Kit - $US 24.95

Also available, Fuel Stopper Insert

Fuel Tank Insert - US 5 each

Fuel stopper + 2 aluminium ends

Fuel stopper + 2 aluminium ends - $US 14.95

Felt Tank Clunk

Felt Tank Clunk - $US 9.00













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