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Sequencer (only 1 left) $US 65 $US45

The Jet-Tronics Door-Sequencer just needs one function to control one gear servo and three door-servos respectively pneumatic valves.

Emcotec Antenna Fuse exit: $US 5

Emcotec Rx Magnetic switch: $US 18

Powerbox RED switch (allows to turn on/off PowerBox units with Jeti radio): $US 20

Powerbox iGyro 1e (only 1): $US 55

Air retract set that can be used on:

Skygate CARF L39 1:4 scale - Skygate CARF Hawk 1:4 scale

Tomahawk Aviation L39 1:3.5 scale - Hawk 1:3.5 scale.

Mains retracts only (no struts) and nose retract complete with nose strut/wheel/servo steering plate

In very good condition used 1 season

CARF/Skygate/Tomahawk set : $US 245












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