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Introducing the new HSD Super Viper V3 RTF with improved digital metal gear servos

lighting system, smoke system and

build-in controller to allow the use of a 7 channel radio (if using smoke, 6 if no smoke)

Turbine: 7Kgs (15.4lbs)
Length: 1663mm
Flying Weight:6500g
Digital Servos: 12g x 2pcs and 25g x 7pcs
Turbine: 7Kgs (15.4lbs)
Fuel tank: 1,350
Header tank: 120cc
Flying Weight:6500g
Electric Retracts with electric brakes

HSD Super Viper Navy scheme (no electronics): USD 550

HSD Super Viper Navy scheme PNP: USD 1,350

HSD Super Viper Navy scheme with SW6 Turbine: USD 2,795

HSD Super Viper Navy scheme with JetsMunt M70 Turbine: USD 2,995

Also coming the new V2 F16 and Mirage




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