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NEW G4+ Series

KingTech G4+ utilizes SBus data transmission.
Engine/ECU integration, all operating parameters including total run time are all recorded into the engine.
The smaller and lighter external Data Relay Module (DRM) is responsible for all data, signal and power transmission.
A micro USB connector is present for a future connectivity of wireless mobile apps.
The G4 features a brushless starter motor for reliability and durability, built-in FOD screen is also integrated.
After a run cycle and receiver switched off, GSU will remain on only until cool down completes.

KingTech K-30G4+: $US 1,590

KingTech K-45G4+: $US 1,690

KingTech K-55G4+: $US 1,550

KingTech K-70 G4+: $US 1,790

KingTech K-85 G4+: $US 1,890

KingTech K-100 G4+: $US 2,050

KingTech K-102 G4+: $US 2,000

KingTech K-120 G4+: $US 2,250

KingTech K-130 G4+: $US 2,250

KingTech K-142 G4+: $US 2,450

KingTech K-160 G4+: $US 2,650

KingTech K-180 G4+: $US 2,850

KingTech K-210 G4+: $US 3,150

KingTech K-235 G4+: $US 3,350

KingTech K-260 G4+: $US 3,650

KingTech K-320 G4+: $US 4,150

KingTech K-450 G4+: $US 5,950





Length: 335 (13.19")
Weight: 1800g (3 lb. 15.5 oz. )
Max. RPM: up to 170000
Power: 5.2KW EGT: 700°C max ( 1292°f max)
Fuel consumption: 180 g / min ( 8.46 oz / min )
Fuel: Diesel, Jet A1, Kerosene
Lubrication: 5%
Maintenance cycle: 25 hr USD300

KingTech K45G4+ Turboprop: $US 3,050



Length: 385mm ( 15.15" )
Weight: 2400g ( 5 lb. 4 oz. )
Maximum Turbine RPM: up to 160,000
Power:7.3KW (5,000 to 7,000 RPM Dynamically )
EGT: 700°c max ( 1292°f max )
Fuel consumption: 240 g / min ( 8.46 oz. ) Fuel: Diesel, Jet A1, Kerosene
Lubrication: 5%
Maintenance cycle: 25 hr USD550

KingTech K60G4+ Turboprop: $US 3,550



Length: 405mm ( 15.94" )
Weight: 2850g ( 6 lb. 4.5 oz. )
Maximum Turbine RPM: up to 140,000
Power:13KW ( 6200 RPM )
EGT: 700°c max ( 1292°f max )
Fuel consumption: 360 g / min ( 8.46 oz. ) Fuel: Diesel, Jet A1, Kerosene
Lubrication: 5%
Maintenance cycle: 25 hr USD550

KingTech K100G4+ Turboprop: $US 3,990


KingTech FOD

KingTech K45/60 FOD: $US 20

KingTech K80/100/120 FOD: $US 20

KingTech K140/160/180/210 FOD: $US 30

3S LiFe ECKingTech 3S LiFe ECU BatteriesU

Batteries areback in stock however, since we are not able to pick up in Niagara Falls, NY, a special shipment will be arranged with an added cost due to the nature of the goods and the access limitation. This is not price gouging, batteries ship as dangerous goods and shipping companies have now added extra fees on all shipments worldwide.Batteries

9.9V 2,100mAh and 3,800mAh-3S 20C--LiFePo4
With 20" 14 gauge Deans connector and 20" balance lead with JST balance connector,
configured specifically for KingTech Turbines.
These items can only be shipped in Canada

2100mAh 3S LiFe ECU Battery: $US 83
3800mAh 3S LiFe ECU Battery: $US 98

KingTech G2 ECU Cable Set

ECU comm cable (G2 model for KingTech ECU only) together with engine to ECU cable, extra long 120cm

$US 60

KingTech Telemetry

Kingtech Telemetry for G2 series turbines: $US 70

KingTech GSU

Kingtech touch screen GSU: $US 98

KingTech Pumps

KingTech pump model KP500 for K60/80/100/120: $US 168

KingTech pump model KP600 for K140/160: $US 182

KingTech pump model KP800 for K180/210: $US 182

KingTech pump model KP500V with self-priming for K60/80/100/120: $US 224

KingTech pump model KP600V with self-priming for K140/160: $US 238

KingTech pump model KP800V with self-priming for K180/210: $US 238

KingTech Smoke Pump Model SP-850: $US 180

KingTech Oil

Oil is back in stock

KingTech Special Blend Oil 2 gallons
with Shell Tellus 32 & Synthetics
This item can be shipped only within Canada

KingTech Special Blend Oil 2 US Gallon: $US 155












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