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JetsMunt M70XBL

Thinking in a 45N, or 50N or 60N or 65N engine? Why not all in one? Our new M70 combines the size and weight of a 44 engine but with the power adjustable to 70N, so one engine fits all sizes. Thanks to our the new FlexPower software, the engine can be adjusted to any output power from 30N to 70N in seconds, while keeping all the features of his big brothers, Brushless starter, brushless pumps, Bus ECU, Restart, and telemetry.

Nominal thrust: 70N at 172.000 RPM
Idle thrust: 2.8N (<1lb)
Idle RPM: 50,000
Diameter: 75mm (3”)
Engine weight: 600g (1,35lb)
Installed weight: 740g (1,63lb)
Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel + 3% oil
Fuel consumption: 195g/min
Starting mode: Direct Kerosene

M70XBL: $US 1,795




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