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Ready Made Retract Sets

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Complete Electron Electric Retract Set Combos

Rebel combo: $US 1,095

Xcalibur combo: $US 1,095

Xcalibur PLUS combo: $US 1,095

Krill Avanti S combo: $US 1,095

Ultraflash combo: $US 1,095

Ultima-tun Combo: $US 1,095

ViperJet 2m (Tomahawk) Combo: $US 1,095

Eurosport (Carf Models) Combo: $US 1,095

Turbinator Combo: $US 1,095

Dynamo Combo: $US 1,095

C&C Viper Jet Combo: $US 1,095

Carf Roockie combo: $US 1,095

Viper Jet 2.5 Zeal combo: $US 1,095

Viper Jet 2.5 Carf Models combo: $US 1,095

ViperJet 2.5m (Tomahawk) Combo: $US 1,095

Futura 1.9 Combo: $US 1,095

Boomerang Elan Combo: $US 1,095

Boomerang SPRINT Combo: $US 1,095

EXM Sport Combo: $US 1,095

Scirocco Combo: $US 1,095

Avanti S (sebart) combo: $US 1,095

Aviation Design Scorpion Combo: $US 1,095

Fortune (T-One) Combo: $US 1,095

Dolphin jet (Pilot RC) Combo: $US 1,095

Rebel Pro combo: $US 1,195

Futura 2.5 Combo: $US 1,195

Natrix Combo: $US 1,195

Vixen Combo: $US 1,195

Leonardo Redwings combo: $US 1,195

Super Scorpion Combo: $US 1,195

Ultra Lightning (Carf Models): $US 1,195

Select options:

Upgrade to RS200 controller: $US 29

Upgrade to RS200 controller w/programmer display: $US 79

Upgrade to GS200 Controller: $US 99

New All Terrain Electric Retract Sets

all terrain solution, grass or hard surface, rough or smooth

for C-ARF Tutor, Viper, Ultra Flash, Ultra Lightning

C-ARF J10, MIG15, Marchetti,

Tomahawk Futura 2.5m, Mono and Natrix

Avanti and C& C Models MB339 2.4m and 2m

C-ARF Tutor Electric Set: $US 1,495

C-ARF Tucano Electric Set: $US 1,495

C-ARF Marchetti Electric Set: $US 1,495

C-ARF Viper Electric Set: $US 1,495

C-ARF J10 Electric Set: $US 1,295

Lightning/Ultra Lightning Electric Set: $US 1,495

Flash/Ultra Flash Electric Set: $US 1,295

C-ARF MIG 15 Electric Set: $US 1,295

Avanti Electric Set: $US 1,295

Tomahawk Design Fututa 2.5m Electric Set: $US 1,495

Tomahawk Design Natrix Electric Set: $US 1,495

Tomahawk Design Mono Electric Set: $US 1,295

C&C Models MB339 2.4m Electric Set: $US 1,395

C&C Models MB339 2m Electric Set: $US 1,295







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