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The SUPER SCORPION ARF jet designed for 35 ~ 45 lbs. thrust turbines

Span: 80 2.04mm
Length: 100 2.55m
Weight: 40lbs 18Kgs
Turbine: 35 to 45lbs thrust turbines Behotec 165, Behotec 180, WREN 200XL

The SUPER SCORPION ARF is our new giant model designed with a special airfoil giving exceptional low speed characteristics and great high speed performance. It is very gentle and perfect for ALL jet pilots.

The SUPER SCORPION is a full composite painted in the mold ARF kit with the bulkheads already glued in place and all control surfaces hinged. NO gluing necessary.

The SUPER SCORPION has an extra large canopy for easy access to radio equipment and fuel tanks as well as a fuselage hatch that can be fitted with an optional air brake.

The SUPER SCORPION has plug in wings and fin with the retracts mounted in the fuselage for transport ease.

The SUPER SCORPION ARF model includes

- High quality painted epoxy-glass fuselage
- All plywood and wood parts pre-mounted
- Painted fully molded wings and fin
- All hardware (screws, hatch latches, servo covers)
- Aluminum wing tube
- Instruction manual

Please call us to order, prices below:

Super Scorpion Red Racing scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion Blue Racing scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion Green Racing scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion Gold Racing scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion Orange Racing scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion Yellow/Black scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion Swiss scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion Red/Silver scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion Blue Angels scheme: $US 2,277

Super Scorpion All white scheme: $US 2,077

Super Scorpion Landing Gear with mechanical valve: $US 762

Super Scorpion Landing gear with Jetronics valves: $US 908

Super Scorpion Electric Landing gear : $US 1,168

Super Scorpion Tail Pipe: $US 137

Super Scorpion 4L tank Kevlar: $US 195

Super Scorpion 3L+1L fuel smoke Kevlar : $US 195

Super Scorpion Air brake mechanical valve: $US 58

Super Scorpion Air brake Jetronics valve: $US 128

Super Scorpion Clear canopy: $US 52

Super Scorpion Cockpit kit twin seats: $US 122

Super Scorpion Aluminium servo covers: $US 131





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