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LOCTITE® Hysol® epoxy

LOCTITE® Hysol® 9462

Hysol 9462 cartridge - $US 19.70 each

A toughened, two component epoxy adhesive formulated for a good balance of shear and peel properties
in an easy to use, smooth paste. Its medium viscosity, 1:1 ratio and non-sag features make it easy to apply.
Recommend Substrates: metals, plastics and wood.
Excellent Strength
Impact Resistant
Room Temperature or Heat Cure
1:1 Mix Ratio - 50ml Cartridge
Neutral Color

LOCTITE® Hysol® E-00NS

Hysol E-00NS cartridge - $US 16.45 each

Fast setting, non sagging, thixotropic, industrial grade epoxy adhesive
Two component - 50ml cartridge - 5 minute work life
Cures at room temperature to form a translucent, rigid, machineable bondline
Acts as an excellent electrical insulator
Suitable for bonding plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, rubber and masonry materials

LOCTITE Long nozzles (10) - $US 13.95

LOCTITE Short nozzles (10) - $US 12.95

LOCTITE Glue Gun - $US 59.95

Hysol 9462 kit - $US 94.95












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