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Digital weight, balance and angle meter

Same features as the original CGMeter, but replacing the computer by a wireless Bluetooth connection to use

oan smartphone or tablet to operate the system. Android and Apple compatible.

This product comprises:

3 pc of a high precision, digital output, weight sensor, featuring a resolution of 1 gram.

1 pc Bluetooth module.

3 pc of digital angle sensors, featuring a resolution of 0,1º

Connection leads

See the video for more information of the use of this unit

Instructions manual

The price includes the Android or Apple App.

Capable for planes up tp 40Kg (90lb), tricycle or bicycle (warbirds). Up to 100kg planes on special order.

Digital weight, balance and angle meter (Bluetooth): $US 359
Digital weight and balance meter (Bluetooth): $US 279
Digital weight, balance and angle meter: $US 379
Digital weight and balance meter: $US 289
Bluetooth module for CG meter: $US 59
Angle sensors for CG meter: $US 89
Upgrade kit CG meter: $US 99

Telemetry adapter Futaba, Jeti and Multipleax RXs
Supports JetsMunt, Jetcentral, Kingtech and Wren Turbines

Adapter connects the telemetry data from XICOY V10 and newer ecus

(all that use a servo lead on data terminal connection) to JETI FUTABA and MULTIPLEX Rxs

Supports several engines on the same receiver

Ecus V6 and older (connector RJ45 8 pin) not supported

Supports Futaba MZ18 and SG14 (Robbe Telemetry Box not supported)

Translates all relevant parameters (RPM, EGT, battery, Pump, Throttle and remaining fuel) from the ecu to the TX, where they can be recorded and alarms set.

If used on JETI radios, it provides full emulation of the ecu data terminal trough Jetibox to access to all ecu functions, and to monitor the startup of the engine. Keystrokes of the buttons on the transmiiter are sent to the ecu to allow the navigation through all the menus on the ecu.

On Futaba radios the measures of the received signal strenth and failsafe counter are transmitted to the TX for a evaluation of the quality of the radio link and to set a alarm if link became marginal

Checkout the videos:

Navigating trough the ecu menus from transmitter

Monitoring the engine startup

Engine run, data logiing and displaying the data after a run

Video Futaba


Telemetry adapter Futaba, Jeti and Multipleax RXs: $US 59

Bluetooth adapter for Xicoy Fadecs

Adapter to replace the data terminal of the Xicoy ecus by a wireless smartphone app.

Compatible with iPhone from version 4S and Android from version 4.3.

Supports all the operations offered by the standard data terminal, including buttons, plus graphics.

Ideal to monitor the engine startup on the plane with the hatch closed.

Securised pairing and data encryption to prevent other users to coneect and modify your settings.


Pairing procedure video

Smarthphone app included in the price

Android IOs (Appstore)

User's manual

Note: Bluettooh range is reduced, cannot be used to monitor the engine during flight

Bluetooth adapter for Xicoy Fadecs: $US 45






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